The best one-stop shop for Dr. Marigaux’s music is Bandcamp (but several of the albums are on Apple Music and Spotify and there are a couple of video albums too).

Live in an Empty Room
One evening Dr. Marigaux sat down in front of three cameras and belted out a set of tunes to make a video album – like a live show except just the cameras for an audience.  It’s free on YouTube. It’s a mix of blues-based material and originals that travel a long way from their roots. This is a good example of what to expect from the doctor’s solo shows. Note the two versions – one with comprehensive introductions to the songs, and one with just the music.

Voodoo Soul
Voodoo stomps with sax and wild guitar and a full rhythm section. Recorded in 2018, this album provided the basis for the Voodoo Soul concert. Includes the hits Babylon, Better in Dunedin, and Redemption. Also on Spotify and Apple Music.

Photographs of Motels
Dr. Marigaux’s Jazz album – slow gentle grooves with mellow sax and Billie Holiday inspired vocals. Says the Doc: “I was paying a lot of attention to some of Miles’ recordings from the late 1950s, and listening to Billie’s last albums, and I felt I wanted to do something gentle and subtle.” The album includes a couple of Billie Holiday covers (Don’t Explain and Love for Sale), but mostly it’s gently rocking instrumentals, with baritone sax ranging from ethereal high registers and low barks.

Son of Dust
Solo and small group blues and gospel.  Says Dr. Marigaux “The first record I ever brought with my own money as a teenager was a collection of 1930s blues, and I’ve had blues running around in my head ever since. A while ago I stumbled into the abandoned Waikune Prison in the shadow of Mt. Ruapehu, and took the photos of the old chapel that provide the cover art for this album. Remembering that place became a sort of guide to the music – what music belongs in that abandoned prison chapel? Deep blues, Gospel, songs of sadness, death, and bitter love certainly, but also wry humour: laughing in the face of despair.
The first version of this album was recoded during March and April 2016, and was called Dust. But after a while it started to grate on me, so in 2017 I re-recorded most of the album, this time with plenty of sax as well as guitar. I re-named it in the best B movie fashion as “Son of…” (like Son of Frankenstein, Son of Kong etc.)
And I guess we are all children of star dust anyway.
Includes the hits Catfish, Stones, Wild Geese and The Land the Time Forgot. Also on Spotify and Apple Music.

The first edition of Highway 88 (Marigaux with Hamish Fyfe, Rob Waddell, and Jim Strang) recorded here in the famous Albany Street studios in Dunedin, playing gritty R&B. Includes the hits Tapanui Flu, Strath Taieri Rabbit Board and Mangaweka Bridge. Also on Spotify and Apple Music.

Snake Oil
Funky instrumental R&B grooves from Dr. Marigaux and his band of aliens.

The Amazing Gospel String Band
One night in Marama Hall in Dunedin, Dr. Marigaux performs with some of Dunedin’s finest string players and the Sounds Nor’Easterly Choir. The link takes you to a playlist of the videos of the entire concert.