Kune Kune Brass Band

Here’s my new years “resolution”… my latest crazy idea. It seems to me that Dunedin is lacking a ‘second line’ brass marching band. A band that might be join in the mid-winter carnival or the Santa parade, but could also just go parading on any given sunny day.

The band will not so much march as sashay. It will have horns (saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and hopefully a sousaphone if we can find one and a player who is game) and drums (snare and bass drum at least). Perhaps vocals as well? The music will be comprised of riffs that interlock, and there will be five or six tunes that will give us thirty minutes of repertoire that we can play from memory. The music will be wild, and chaos will be our friend.

There should be dancers too!

The name- the name could change, but I kind of like Kune Kune at the moment. In Te Reo Kunekune means the native pig or round and tubby, and in Japanese it refers to a Slenderman type nasty or in Manga it means “wiggle wiggle”.

Costume – the band performs in costumes based on Pearly Kings and Queens- but a rough, ratty punk version. You make your own costume inspired by the cockney ones, and spend as much or as little time decorating it as you want. But keep it black with shiny bits.

Here’s a couple of videos to give you the idea of a New Orleans Second Line band, which is my main musical inspiration…



And here are some picture of Pearlies….